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The first workshop of the CBC-ORIENT project was held in Beli Manastir on the 1st of September, 2017. Sixteen participants including nine Croatian teachers and coaches attended the event. András Kersity helped the audience fight down the language barrier. Réka Vonyó Péterné Szabó secretary of the “TÁJFUTÁSÉRT-PÉCS” Foundation was greeting the participants first with a short presentation about the project. The first professional presentation was made by Ferenc Viniczai, who spoke about orienteering in Baranya County, and the successful work in the club of Pécsi Vasutas Sportkör. After a short break Péter Vonyó expounded the possibility of recruiting and teaching beginner youth team. At the end of the workshop opinion about the local orienteering of Máté Baumholczer - the most successful member of PVSK in the recent years – was presented. The event has become more interactive from the questions and comments of the audience.


On the second day of the workshop the participants heard information about the specialities of sprint-orienteering and they surveyed the CBC-ORIENT CUP competition in downtown of Osijek. They checked the way of the participating children and shared their experiences.


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